The last of the heritage trilogy is the Gama Heritage. The name itself is synonymous with its Portuguese connection that is related to Vasco De Gama. The resort takes us to a bygone era, which witnessed a huge change in the historical as well as the cultural scenario of  Kerala. The architecture of Kerala also saw a significant transformation with the foreign connections coming in. This is evident from the structural designs of Bishops house of Kochi Diocese and the Indo-Portuguese museum as well.

        Although most of the earliest Roman Catholic Churches have been relocated and inevitably the architecture modified there is still clear evidence in many of the existing churches, of strong Portuguese influence in both the art and the architecture of the region. The Indo - Portuguese Christian Art heritage, which survives today, can be attributed to continuity of cultural practices, both ecclesiastical and social, with the people of Cochin maintaining a strong cultural affinity with the Portuguese roots of their Catholic faith.